We provide software for DRG, in particular we have developed software for the NordDRG grouper used in the Nordic countries.

For more information, send an email to info@drgsystem.com

DMS with DRG statistics, presented at PCSI Conference in Lisbon. Click here for paper.

År 2023 års grupperare har levererats till kunderna.

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News and agreements

bullet 2012-01-01 Full set of our Finnish validated groupers are now marketed in Finland by our Finnish partner CGI (former Logica)
bullet 2008-10-10 We presented DMS, DRG Management System, at the PCSI conference in Lisbon.
bullet2008-05-08--09 Sponsoring Nordic Casemix Conference in Stockholm
bullet2007-12-28 Agreement on use of DMS for all Nordic countries
bullet2006-10-11 We have presented DMS, our new system for development of DRG software at the PCSI conference in Singapore. See http://www.pcsinternational.org/ .
bullet2005-08-15 Agreement with Nordic Center to develop an enhanced system for development of the NordDRG groupers
bullet2004-12-20 Agreement to provide Västmanlands läns landsting with NordDRG grouper
bullet2002-10-29 Agreement signed with Nirvaco AS for distribution of our grouper in Norway starting 2003-05-01.
bullet2002-01-25 Agreement signed with "WHO Collaborating Centre for the Classification of Diseases in the Nordic Countries", to develop the NordDRG grouper software for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
bullet2001-10-28 Agreement signed with Stockholms läns landsting to deliver NordDRG grouper.
bullet2001-07-06 Agreement signed to develop the Danish grouper based on NordDRG. The agreement covers usage for all of Denmark starting 2002.

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DRG System Development AB

Postal address:
Box 5078
SE-141 05 Kungens kurva/Stockholm

Visiting address:
Gamla Södertäljevägen 159
141 70 Segeltorp    

Tel +46 8 746 09 25


Our products are (information in Swedish)

bulletBatch grouper
bulletInteractive grouper on PC
bulletInteractive grouper for integration in various PAS systems
bulletWeb-based grouper
bulletSoftware for calculation of DRG costs
bulletDMS, a tool for construction or grouper software

More information on NordDRG can be found at the

bulletNordic Casemix Center is engaged in the coordination of the Nordic DRGS
bullet Socialstyrelsen om DRG is responsible for the Swedish version of NordDRG